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Submitted on
February 28, 2012


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I finally managed to get a new iMac to replace my orphan PC desktop.  Catch is, getting the Mac tapped all my funds and thus I have no Photoshop for it.  I want to get drawing on it, though, and hey wouldn't Muro be perfect for that!

SO.  Anyone interested in a Muro commission to help me save up for Photoshop?  Pics would be coloured or shaded b&w - your choice.  Now that Muro can be resized I can also do different dimensions.

Prices are in CAD:
chest-up: $10 (+$5 for each additional character).
knees-up: $15 (+7 per each additional character).

Payment through PayPal in advance.  Note me with "Muro Commission" if interested!  Turn around time should be 1-2 days after you pay.


Regular commissions are also available as always!  Info in the box below.

DetectiveAnonymous - waist-up b&w w/ colour accents - Muro Commission - Derrol by maplebee
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